7th International Sculpture Symposium, Korça 2016, AL

International Sculpture Symposium in Stone, Albania 2016
Korça  1 - 11 July 2016.

6 Artist selected

Nilhan Sesalan              Turkey

Christos Lanitis             Cyprus
Francesca Bernardini    Italy

Chiu Tai-Yang                Taiwan

Vladimir Topi                  Albania

Ardit Beli                         Albania


6 International Sculpture Symposium in Stone, Albania 2015

Artist Selected   on the 6 ° International  Sculpture Symposium "Korça Park " (Albania) 2015

1- Salah Hammad               ( Egypt )

2 - Liu Yang                       ( China )

3 - François Weil               ( France )

4 - Patrice Belin                 ( France )

5 - Fiona Mali                    (Albania)

Park Sculpture

International Sculpture Symposium – Korça 2015

The city of Korça, where the tradition of artworks finds its best incorporation, has become hospitable to the chisel of the local, regional and international sculptors. For five years: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2014, Korça’s city hall has welcomed 36 sculptors in the International Symposium “Park Sculpture”.

A little history

The sculpture symposium of Korça themed “Park Sculpture”, started in 2008 with the intervention of the ex-mayor, Mr. Niko Peleshi, who was also its originator. A man with a vision for the future because by promoting the Sculpture Symposium, for the first time in the Albanian history, he would contribute in the creation of a museum of contemporary art, by recording in the historic memory of the city, the different forms of artistic expression through enabling experiments on the function of artworks in new urban spaces.
Five editions have been organized until 2014. In the park are now present 36 works of contemporary art, realized in stone, given to the city rewarded with a modest payment.
The sculptures were carved by artists that came on purpose in Korça from different countries of the world such as: Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Serbia, Italy, Turkey, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Belgium, Greece and Hungary, and gave their contribution by changing the landscape of the city.
The symposium was presented and recorded by Genti Tavanxhiu in ISSA (International Sculpture Symposium Alliance) in Tongling, China, in 2012. www.world-issa.com

For the first time in 2014, the Ministry of Culture of Albania approved the project presented by Genti Tavanxhiu and contributed to the event.
Making use of this instance, I thank the Albanian minister of culture, Ms. Mirela Kumbaro, who showed special interest in the promotion of the event. www.kultura.gov.al
The realization of this symposium is also thanks to:
A.I.E.S.M : International Association for Monumental Sculpture Events. www.aiesm.com
ISSA : International Sculpture Symposium Alliance. Tongling, China www.world-issa.com
MSE.art : Monumental Sculpture in Europe, Italy.
The scope of the activity

The history of sculpture symposiums starts in 1959 in St. Margaret, Austria, where the sculptor Karl Prantl brought a novelty in art by inviting his colleagues and artists to create sculptures designated to be placed in a specific location, while working together for a given amount of time in open air. His friends adopted the idea by inviting on their end their own friends from different places. So were born all over the world “sculpture parks” and “open air museums”.
Korça was the first city where this activity was organized in Albania and international artists created public sculptures of a modern and monumental character. This is an historic event for Albania and for the history of Albanian art.
These important works will leave traces in the psychology of Albanian artists and will help them to break the solid rules of the figurative schools of Eastern Europe. Such a laboratory is very important for the artists since it helps work promotion and its confrontation with the work of other artists.
It takes place in an environment appointed by the City Hall of Korça and allows the citizens become spectators of any moment of the working process and see for themselves how the artists turn a stone block into a work of art.
However the development of the symposium consists as well in the work of the sculptors while in close contact to each-other. This gives the Albanian artists the opportunity to compare their practical and theoretical knowledge to that of the foreign ones and form new acquaintances which in the future can turn into professional collaborations and new experiences.

2015 Program

The Mayor, Mr. Sotiraq Filo, by supporting the continuation of this project has decided to host it again in the summer of 2015.
In this edition will participate  5 artists, who with the realization of new works will contribute in the expansion of the museum to reach a number of 41 sculptures.
I invite the participating artists of the published competition to avoid presenting projects adressing political or religious ideas, or any other that could offend in any way the civil opinion and morals. Since this is a project aiming the visual esthetic improvement of the park and the whole city, they should apply to a certain civil decorum.
In the 2015 symposium will be organized also laboratories for children and stone-carving enthusiasts, who will serve for the education of new generations.

Unfortunately, we have found in the “Rinia” Park consequences of acts of vandalism towards the sculptures. Wishing for such acts not to be manifested anymore, we invite you to participate.

Director of Center of Culture  " Vangjush MIO"
Zamira Kita
Artistic Curator
Genti Tavanxhiu

Tecnical Director
Vladimir  Topi

5° Sculpture Symposium Korça Albania 2014

Antonis  Myrodias _ Greece

 Attila Rath Geber Hungary

4th Sculpture Symposium,Korça (Albania) 6 - 16 July, 2011.

Korça 'Municipality, Major Mr Niko Peleshi in colloboration with the director Vladimir Topi of Korça Culture Centre "Vangjush Mio" and Symposium' s Coordinator Genti Tavanxhiu (Sculptor) organizated the 4th sculpture symposium in Korça (Albania)

Artists selected.
1-Vangjush Qekrezi, Albania.

2- Nicolae Fleissig, France.
3- Germano Frias, Portugal.
5- Renate Verbrugge, Belgium- New Zealand.

6- Chifu Panaite, Romania.

7- Nesrin Karacan, Turkey.

8- Miguel Isla, Spain.
during the symposium

1st International Sculpture Symposium, Elbasan 25 June- 5 July 2010, Albania.

The Albanian city Elbasan organzed the first edition of The International Sculpture Symposium thought up by the city's Major Qazim Sejdini, in collaboration with Genti TAVANXHIU http://www.elbasani.gov.al/
Artists selected
1- Genti Tavanxhiu - Albany http://www.gentitavanxhiu.blogspot.com/
3- Arlindo Arez - Portugal http://www.arlindoarez.blogspot.com/

4- Jo Kley - Germany

5- Obai Hattoom - Syriah6- Miguel Isla - Spain http://www.miguelisla.c om/